How to program and compile Atari 2600 games on a PowerPC Macintosh, in a concise format.
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NEW!!! (as of 2 Nov 2021! Over 23 years of mactari-ing!)

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Programming Docs Q & A Other Useful Sites
Guide to 6507 assembler What's an emulator? Nick Bensema's Page (ESSENTIAL!!! Link updated 2/24/00 2 Nov 2021) 
Stella Manual (pdf)  also in  text.  How do I UNZIP files?!! Bob Colbert's Page (creator of DiStella. Link updated to archive version) 
Cycle Counting by Nick Besema What is MPW and what else is it good for?  THE DIG (sample source and more! now replaced with the Mini Dig, apparently) 
How to draw a playfield (Nick again!) Okay, so how do I use DAsm in MPW Matt Matthews' Page ([at one time a] Collector Extraordinaire) 
What about a distella tutorial?   What kind of animal is Pac Man anyway?

Why did you do this? 
Last updated 3/12/98.
WHAT'S NEW:     Makewav, a tool that makes SuperCharger sound files with 2600 binaries, has been incorporated into the Mactools!

COMING SOON: The pre-Alpha version of what may one day become my game. Oh, boy, huh? 
Hey, if you don't want to design and write Atari games, you might as well 

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