CRC 2010

Note: CRC 2010 has begun. Several students from the CRDM program are liveblogging the event at the CRDM Blog.

Video of Professor Carolyn Miller's Keynote and accompanying slides in PowerPoint format.

Liveblogs from Friday: Conference Poster

In 2008, the Carolina Rhetoric Conference began as a collaborative effort between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. The primary goal for the conference was to offer graduate students in participating schools an opportunity to receive feedback on the content of their work and their presentation styles in order to become better prepared to present at larger national conferences. The second annual Carolina Rhetoric Conference has invited students from North Carolina State University to participate in the conference proceedings.

Now in its third year, the Carolina Rhetoric Conference continues to build on those earlier goals as it moves to its third host, North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. Dates for this year's conference are February 19-20th, 2010.

Once abstracts are received (due: Feb 1st, 2010) and accepted, the CFP Coordinators will produce a schedule for presentations and apply appropriate headings for each panel. The Carolina Rhetoric Conference is open to any and all graduate student research in the areas of composition and rhetoric.