Using WinSCP

1. Download WinSCP here:

2. Open WinSCP.  The window, below, should appear.
WinSCP login window

3. Enter "" for the Host name field. 
4. Enter your unity id for your User name field.
5. Enter your unity password for the Password field.
6. Press the Login button.  The following window should appear.  The first time you use WinSCP to connect via "Secure File Tranfer Protocol" (SFTP) to any server, a window like this one should appear.  If it ever appears again, BE VERY CAREFUL

The long "rsa2 fingerprint" number is, essentially,'s fingerprint.  If it changes, you're likely not talking to and should log out.
Server host key not found window

7.  Press Yes.  The following window should appear.
WinSCP file navigation window

8. Navigate to your www directory on the right side.  This is a list of the files you have on the server.
9. Navigate to your podcast on the left side, on your local computer. 
10. Copy the file to your www folder.
11. Check to make sure the file can be accessed at a URL in this format: