In-class activity

You will be divided up into groups of approximately four or five members.  Your goal is to prepare for a four to five minute informative speech on the NY Times Magazine article, "Lindsey Vonn at the Summit."

At the end of the period, your group should have created the following:
  1. A list of brainstormed points.
  2. A preparation outline containing...
    1. at least five sections
    2. at least three sub-points per section
    3. a bibliographic entry for the source you will be given in class.
  3. One presentation outline per group member that would allow you to present your speech to the class.
  4. Be prepared to properly cite your source while giving a speech.
Read through the article and, once you're done, begin brainstorming its most important ideas and other related ideas that you believe will make for an interesting, informative, and successful speech.