Chapter 15

How is persuasion different from informing?  In a sense, it's just a change in emphasis.  Rather than trying to inform first, you, well, try to move beyond information about and move into information why.  You're moving from relatively objective to self-admittedly subjective.

Important Concept: polysemy: When a statement can have multiple meanings.  "Picture a bee resting on a flower..."

Step 1: Determine your purpose.
Step 2: Describe and anticipate your audience
What do they already know?  How are the predisposed to react to your topic?

Step 3: Plan your strategy
Motivational Sequence:
Introduction -- attention step.
Body -- need, satisfaction, and visualization [of satisfaction] steps.
Conclusion -- action step.

Find the needs, satisfaction, visualization, and action steps in the following commercial.

Inducing Specific Action