Evaluating speeches

Review the questions below.  Then listen to the speech at this address.  Answer the questions while you watch the speech, and finish cleaning up your answers once you're done.
  1. Can you track the speech's logic in a flowchart?
  2. What is the speech's general purpose?
  3. What is the speaker's thesis?
  4. What are the speaker's main points?
  5. What does the speaker..
  6. What verbal tricks (eg, alliteration) does the speaker use to help you remember certain points?
  7. What strategies from Aristotle's triangle does the speaker use?  How and why?
  8. List three interesting examples of the speaker's body language.  How are they useful?  Distracting?
  9. Does the speaker give the audience any action items?
  10. Are there any obvious mistakes?
  11. What is the most effective rhetorical strategy used in the speech?
And, just for fun, if you were grading this speech, what grade would you give it and why?